• New Paradigm of the Social Housing Finance. Case Study of Poland

Podtytuł New Paradigm of the Social Housing Finance. Case Study of Poland
Autor Anna Szelągowska
Rok wydania 2013
Oprawa Miękka
Format 165x235
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ISBN 978-83-7556-550-8

Social housing plays a crucial role in the development of housing market as well as housing exclusion. Contemporary, it is not only financed by the state, but also includes new forms of publicly supported and non-market housing, such as cooperatives, rent-geared-to-income, limited-dividend and non-profit housing provided by social agencies, community groups, non-profit private firms and political organisations other than governments. The aim of this book is to put forward new innovative solutions of financing housing needs of low- and medium-income households, which cannot afford a purchase of an adequate standard flat out of their own resources. Innovation in this aspect means a proposal to apply solutions which so far have not been used in Po­land or have not been used in social housing.

The book addresses the following research problem: do innovative solutions in the process of financing social housing needs determine a new financing paradigm for social housing and if yes, why? Looking for new and effective solutions enabling social financing of social housing, which will allow gradu­al meeting of domestic housing needs is connected with seeking a new financial paradigm for this housing sub-sector.

Preface 5

Chapter 1

Origins of Social Housing in Poland 7

Chapter 2

Financing of Social Housing in Poland in the 20-year Interwar Period 19

Chapter 3

Social Housing Finance in Poland in 1939-1989 29

Chapter 4

Financing Social Housing in Poland after 1989 37

Chapter 5

Role of Social Housing Associations in the Contemporary Social Housing Finance Reform in Poland 41

Chapter 6

Discussion of a New Paradigm of Social Housing Financing. Theoretical Aspects 63

Chapter 7

Alternative Models of Social Housing Financing. Propositions for Poland 73

7.1. Model of the Public Financing of Social Housing 73

7.2. Private-Public Model of Social Housing Financing 80

7.3. Model of Private Financing of Social Housing 93

Chapter 8

Terms of Social Housing Financing in the Light of a New Paradigm 99

Conclusion 107

Bibliography 111

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